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Our Mission

2009 Employer Recognition Award
Statewide Council for Vocational Rehabilitation.

2009 Business of the Year
Paintsville Johnson County Chamber of Commerce

At Sandy Valley Fasteners, we specialize in providing our local customers with standard fasteners, such as nuts and bolts, and our US Military with a broad range of items they need to get the job done. This is our mission. We know that when a customer needs product, there can be a ton of time lost in calling to find the product, sending someone to get it, etc. This is why we offer delivery via our own employees for local customers, and expedited UPS shipping for out of state customers. We strive to meet the customer's every need and will do anything in our power to ensure our customer's satisfaction.

We carry a large selection of standard fasteners for everyday use, electrical products, tools and more. Click here to view our Product Line Sheet.

As a stocking distributor for some very well-known vendors, we like to share this information with our customers so they know we are all about quality. Just to give you an idea, here are a few:

3M Electrical Products
Network Technologies
Hilti Construction Products

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